New Watersheds BC Report Released

Cover of Sustainable Funding for Watershed Security: Mechanisms and ModelsCover of Sustainable Funding for Watershed Security: Mechanisms and Models


Watersheds BC has been working for several years on the challenge of sustainable funding for watershed security and governance. On the heels of this important provincial funding announcement, we are excited to share a new report, Sustainable Funding for Watershed Security: Mechanisms & Models.

The report provides a comprehensive look at what it means to develop a sustainable funding model for watershed security by reviewing 25 funding mechanisms and 10 funding models that can help resource important watershed work. We hope it can contribute to the timely discussions about establishing a sustainable funding model for BC. It identifies three critical conditions to enable sustainable funding for watershed security:

  1. Governments have a critical leadership role in ensuring sustainable funding to support local watershed security.
  2. Watershed entities with legislated funding mechanisms have a more sustainable funding model compared to those relying on non-legislated mechanisms.
  3. Organizations or other watershed entities that have stable core funding are leveraging this capacity to secure project funds, particularly grants.

“Watershed security and resilient communities require good watershed governance and sustainable funding. If we collectively want to enable a proactive approach where we are better equipped for climate uncertainty and water-related challenges, BC needs to support this growing sector of watershed entities and the communities doing this critical work with core, stable funding.” – Zita Botelho, Director of Watersheds BC

This paper complements two other reports produced by Watersheds BC: Case Studies: Examining Local Government Sustainable Funding Mechanisms in BC and Lessons Learned: The Sustainable Funding for Watershed Governance Initiative.

The Province’s recent investment of $100 million into healthy watersheds opens the door for serious conversations between the province and the federal government, philanthropy, and industry to work together to advance a sustainable funding model for watershed security BC. We are encouraged to see the BC government taking leadership by kickstarting the co-development of the Watershed Security Fund. It is an important first step on the path forward for more healthy and resilient communities and watersheds.

View the report here on the Watersheds BC website and please share widely.