Claire Sauvage-Mar

Program Associate, Indigenous Watersheds Initiative

Claire is the Program Associate for the Indigenous Watersheds Initiative. Claire’s role is to support project leads through a variety of processes, including operational and reporting requirements. She enjoys writing stories, meeting people working in the field, and working to make things run smoothly. Claire was part of the WBC team co-delivering the Healthy Watersheds Initiative.

Claire grew up on several heavily urbanized waterways, including the Long Island Sound watershed and muddy Mekong River Delta. Seeing the impact of human activity on water, and the impact of water on human activity, has made her appreciate the need for responsible watershed governance.

She brings experience in community engagement and facilitation, grant administration, non-profit communications, and human health research. Prior to working at Watersheds BC, Claire worked with BC Healthy Communities to provide capacity-building support to local governments taking action on the social determinants of health. Claire has a BA in Political Science and History from Goucher College (Baltimore) and an MSc in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria.