Okanagan – Stefania Mazzucco


Okanagan Basin Water Board

Governed by a board that includes the three Okanagan regional districts, the Okanagan Nation Alliance, the Water Supply Association of BC, and the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council, the Okanagan Basin Water Board provides leadership on water issues throughout the basin,...



Cowichan Watershed Board

Co-chaired by Cowichan Tribes and the Cowichan Valley Regional District, the Cowichan Watershed Board is building local water governance capacity, advocating for the health of the watershed, and advancing its role in decision-making.



Nicola Watershed Governance Project

The Five Nicola First Nations and the Province of B.C. are working together towards sustainable water governance through a new government-to-government process that engages watershed partners and jointly delivers solutions to priority watershed issues that acknowledge the...