Our Story

Watersheds BC grew out of ongoing collaboration between the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, First Nations Fisheries Council, and the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative.

For almost a decade, these organizations have worked together toward a common vision of watershed security and healthy waters, achieved through new approaches to watershed management and governance grounded in community values and local and Indigenous knowledge.

Drawing on this research and experience, these organizations identified a critical need for a dedicated resource hub to provide local leaders with knowledge, skills, and support to deliver effective watershed management and governance in their communities. Watersheds BC emerged in response to this need.

Watersheds BC is supported by a core staff team and a suite of advisors who collectively bring decades of experience in water policy, law, governance, and communications to our work. We continue to draw on the expertise and networks across these organizations.

Lynn Valley trail
Lynn Valley Trail wooden footbridge. PC: Rohit D. Silva, 2020.

Our Vision

Our vision is healthy, secure & well-governed watersheds across BC that provide clean fresh water to people, fish and animals, now & forever, creating a foundation to support strong, vibrant and resilient communities and thriving local economies.

Our Mission

We work to strengthen BC’s watershed security by equipping & supporting local people and decision makers like you with the knowledge, training and networks you need to restore and secure your home watersheds.