BC Watershed Security Fund: A Collaborative Vision

Title page for the Strategic Directions Paper from the Sustainable Funding Working Group

Released on December 7, 2021, the new strategic directions paper BC Watershed Security Fund: A Collaborative Vision, brings together the insights and best thinking of 16 experts and knowledge holders from the Sustainable Funding Working Group. The Working Group is made up of those in Indigenous governance, local government, funding and financing, forestry and land-use practices, and watershed management.

The provincial government’s commitment to create a Watershed Security Fund presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the kind of investment our watersheds and communities so desperately need. In the strategic directions paper, the Working Group presents a bold vision for B.C.’s Watershed Security Fund, along with 10 strategic directions targeted towards the provincial government that will help make this vision a reality.

The paper is intended to be a dialogue starter to support First Nations, local governments, and community organizations in their engagement with the provincial government on the Watershed Security Fund.