UNDRIP Evaluation Framework and Report

Cover Page of UNDRIP ReportUNDRIP Report and Framework

Released on June 21, 2022, National Indigenous People’s Day, the Healthy Watersheds Initiative: UNDRIP Evaluation Framework and Report by Tara Marsden, Naxginkw / Senior Indigenous Advisor to the Healthy Watersheds Initiative. 

A key objective of the Healthy Watersheds Initiative is to advance the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.   This important report helps us create a baseline for our work so that we can reflect on approaches that worked, examine where we fell short and plan for how we can improve. The report contains important data, reflections and recommendations that speak to the learning of the Healthy Watersheds Initiative while providing communities, funders and governments with tools, processes, and templates to support the advancement of UNDRIP.  

Moving from intention to action requires policies, practices and relationships and we hope that this report can support more learning and action so that watershed work in BC can advance in a good way.